Shade Structure

Shade Structures

Outdoor shade structures add beauty and function to your commercial property or development, protecting visitors and users during hot summer months, while providing relief in inclement weather. A wide variety of structures can be built to meet any application. The specialists at Summit Hardscape provide complete turnkey construction of shade structures for any outdoor area.


Pavilions are largescale shade structures used to provide protection for large areas, often used in conjunction with terraces, plazas, and special amenity areas. Pavilions can be constructed in a wide range of shapes and sizes, using concrete, stone, wood, and steel construction, with metal, composite or exotic roofing materials.


Porticos are architectural structures that add aesthetic value and visual interest to the entrance to a building. They typically consist of a roof supported by columns or pillars, and can be designed to complement various architectural styles, including classical, colonial, and modern. Porticos provide shelter from the elements, such as rain or harsh sunlight, making them a functional addition to any entrance. In hot climates, they provide shade and help keep the interior of the building cooler.


Pergolas are freestanding, open structures that shade outdoor living areas like patios, decks, and gardens. They have a slatted roof that filters sunlight while still allowing air to circulate freely. Pergolas can be made of wood, vinyl, or metal and can be customized with climbing plants or panels for added privacy.


Unlike pergolas, gazebos have a closed roof, providing more complete shade and protection from the elements. They can be round, square, or rectangular, and range in size from small backyard structures to large event spaces and may include built-in seating, flooring, and decorative walls.


Awnings are attached to the exterior walls of buildings to provide shade for windows, doors, or outdoor seating areas. Made of fabric or aluminum, awnings come in a variety of styles, including traditional, dome-shaped, and concave. Retractable awnings offer easy adjustment depending on the sun’s position.

Cantilever Structures

Cantilever structures are freestanding shade options that use a single post or support beam, allowing for the shaded area to be free of any obstructive poles or columns. They are ideal for large outdoor spaces.

Shade Sails

Shade sails are a popular choice for providing shade in outdoor spaces due to their versatility and modern design. They consist of a large piece of fabric or canvas, stretched between multiple anchor points, creating a unique and stylish look while offering protection from the sun’s rays.


These small shade structures that consist of two posts or sides connected by an overhead lattice or arch. Mostly used as decorative features in gardens or outdoor spaces, arbors can be adorned with climbing plants to provide additional shade and beauty at a budget-friendly price.


Cabanas are luxurious shade structures that add a private retreat for relaxation and entertainment. Like huts or tents, cabanas have a solid roof with walls or curtains for privacy and protection. Cabanas are popular for pool areas and beachfront properties, adding functionality and style to the outdoor space.


Carports are gaining in popularity due to their practicality and affordability. These structures provide a covered space for vehicles, offering protection from the elements without the need for a full garage or costly construction.

Types of Shade Structures

  • Pavilions
  • Porticos
  • Pergolas
  • Gazebos
  • Awnings
  • Shade Sails
  • Cantilever Structures
  • Arbors
  • Cabanas
  • Carports

Shade Structure Materials

  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Brick
  • Metal
  • Fabric
  • Vinyl
  • Stucco